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  • 4 classes, @ 3 hours each

  • Maximum of 3 people per class

  • Theory and demonstrations of the basic jewellery techniques:        Smelting, Annealing, Rolling, Wiremaking, Filing, Drilling, Piercing, Soldering...

  • It starts with a design consultation to discuss your ideas and the jewellery that you would like to manufacture.

  • Metals used are silver, copper and brass

  • Assistance in manufacturing your individual piece/s is provided.

  • The fee includes the use of the studio and all its tools needed to manufacture your jewellery.

  • There will be a separate consumable account for items such as: metals used above a certain weight, sawblades and drill bits (after a certain amount of breakages), gemstones and the setting of stones as well as other services such as engraving…

  • 15gr Sterling silver and one packet of sawblades included in the price. Usually no weight limit on copper and brass.

  • Please contact me directly for specific dates and times.

  • Price: R2400 p/p


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