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     MY STORY (the very short version)

My name is Xtine.

A curious name for sure,but I wouldn't have it any other way.

... I completed my Degree in Jewellery Design and Manufacture Cum Laude 

at Cape Technikon,and then worked in the industry,while also lecturing Jewellery Design at CPUT.

As time went by,my family grew and I later became the full time mamma of two,one of a kind,kiddies. The joys and challenges of motherhood took over and my jewellery career became a distant memory...

Fast forward to 2017

(this is where the short version comes in),

to a dirty,drab and dreary garage,

where VOORSTAD studio was born!

It started with a piece of sandpaper,painstakingly restoring my jewellery bench and also my Life. 

Now VOORSTAD is a colorful sanctuary in the middle of the suburbs.

A happy space where my jewellery designs come to life and people come together through the enjoyment of creativity.

I am back and ready to take on a new season in my life,

enthusiastically pursuing my profession.


My Story1.png
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